Your Wardrobe Inventory – Colour All The Things!

Closet essentials

Camel, brown, charcoal, black, navy or dark green. These are the eight basic colours that can be combined with any other, to create an almost unlimited number of outfits that are fun, current and good-looking. Your basic little black dress can be plain and boring or exciting and fashion forward using colourful accessories. Choosing a few avoid plain tops and jumpers in grey, black or navy and wear either patterned or coloured tops and jackets. What could be more versatile than block colours?

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Sweaters- Sweaters are the most important part of your wardrobe. Look for either a V-neck or crew neck. Crew neck ones have a slightly scooped neck like a cardigan, but a buttoned strap at the neck. V-neck ones are good for very warm areas and great for layering over shirts and cardigans. They can also be worn simply with a t-shirt for a more laidback, but ultra-Modern look. Sweaters paired with a dark top, jacket or shirt works well for a wide range of outfits. An additional layer of clothing can be added by using the a flowery print t-shirt and leggings to play with the top as an outfit.


A good quality blazer is a core piece that you can always wear with a dress or a skirt. Paired with the right women’s dress, a blazer can make you look polished, dignified and slimmer. Blazers work well as separates. For a dressier look, try a leather blazer. Blazers can work in multiple ways. they can work as a jacket or jacket and they can be paired with a shirt or a shirt. They may also work best for Creating a single, defining colour. Choose a blazer in either a cream or black colour.


A quality men’s jacket can extend the wear time of your basic wardrobe and be worn with a variety of clothes, as well as in multiple settings. To colour-coordinate effectively, choose a jacket with a shape that suits your body type. Jackets are a perfect follow-through to dressing up a shirt, for instance. Choose a shape that’s slimming, to outline your slender shape. Jackets are extremely versatile, as morning and lunch jackets are perfect for dressing up a shirt, only becoming too uncomfortable after about an hour and a half in the office. Evening and swing jackets can extend the office wear time, to the point where, by the time you get to the office, it’s time to pack your jackets because they are a little warmer than day jackets.


Though the pool is the best place to work out in womensie, you can also have a reasonable swim in the beach, if you have your bikini that manages to survive the chlorine laden pools in the organisation. Try to stay away from metallic bikinis and strapless. If your beachwear is a bikini, try to reason with less-than-perfect proportions and choose a halfway acceptable one.

Open Swimdays and Conditioning

The great thing about womens’ swimwear is that the opportunity to purchase a new one is usually included in any new-years-bag. Unfortunately, if you don’t have the time to go to an specialist swimwear retailer, you may end up purchasing the first swimsuit you stumble upon. Considering the relatively small price tag that will probably be attached to a new swimwear, it’s more likely to be in your head more rather than your pocket. There’s no harm in trying to save up to buy a new one: if you make enough effort and they don’t need any rein , you’ll have a nice day swimming, and still have money in your pocket for Twannies!

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Your Wardrobe Inventory – Colour All The Things!
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