Spring-Summer Rockstar Board Shorts

Floral prints, checks and trees are what we often see as designs on most board shorts. Even if it is not very hot outside, in spring and summer we like to wear anything that is light and not too thin. That is why besides its design, sport it with a color that coordinates with your top. Usually, colors such as steady and light blue and pale yellow are emphasized. The same can be said with floral or any floral pattern. Basic colors such as green and neutral are also good options to look at as they seem to fit in most occasions. Another plus point with floral is to wear it in a day-time fashion as opposed to an evening one. One sport that is popular in spring and summer is the kelly green and lime-yellow combination. Most celebrities have been spotted in this look. However, you can work this look in any scene that you choose by focusing on different areas. For instance, wearing this style under a sweater in a public pool area is okay, but you could go incognito by wearing a blouse with this style.

Similarly, if you want to be practical, this design looks good when you are out shopping. With this look, you will hardly fit in being the center of attention since most of the eyes will be on you. However, this look still has its advantages and if you are slim and have a nice figure, then you could give this a try if you want to go incognito. It will work in your favor if you want to look slimmer and emphasize your asset. However, in case you are concern about your nether regions, then this cut will not work since it focuses on your problem areas.

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This spring and summer, denim is back. In addition to popular denim jeans, which are always popular, the shorts are also back. These are slim cut and very easy to wear. The trendiest one is the floral one. With a floral cut on board and floral printed underwear, you will be sure to have a good time on your spring break. These shorts are also flattering if you decide to go on a date. Depending on your decision, you can match them to your swimsuit, bikini or a tank top. You can wear it under a sweater or in addition to the floral ones. Be sure to choose one that you are comfortable in. Most of all, have fun in creating art and fashion through mixing and matching your favorite pieces. You will never go wrong with the basic three. You have already practiced the most popular cuts and cuts available. Now it is time to get creative. Think, dream, and try! This is your chance to show off your artistic and fashionable side as well as your athletic and energetic sides.

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Spring-Summer Rockstar Board Shorts
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Oh No, There’s A Black Dress Somewhere!