Oh No, There’s A Black Dress Somewhere!

Finding the ultimate black dress can be a chore.  Risking scouring thrift stores and flea markets just to find the perfect dress.  Not play the road with a black dress unless you want to end up in the trash.  Black is the safest, most versatile and elegant color you can wear.  If you are afraid it might be too late find a dress in a shade similar to your own.  Choosing a black dress will not only slim your body but give you an air of elegance.

Before going on any shopping sprees do first find a basic black that will match several of your outfits.  A black base is essential because it goes with so many colors and styles.  Start with a black sweater, black pants or a black skirt.  Choose an all black jacket to build your closet from scratch.  As you build your black clothing wardrobe you should add a new piece every season.  A black dress is essential to any trendy wardrobe.  They are sexy and sleek or soft and silky.

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There are different styles of black dresses.  For an evening out just change the accessories.  Instead of gold earrings wear nice silver or pearl earrings.  If you are wearing gold belt wear a gold or silver belt to match your shoes.  As you are walking in a dress a silky black robe may be in order.  A black shawl is always a hit.  Find a coordinating scarf to go with it.  Scarves are a must in the spring and fall.  Scarves come in all shapes, sizes and colors.  A brightly colored halter black scarf is ideal with any outfit.  If you are brave go for the pretty much matching color combination including black color.

If your height is under 5’4″ be flattered with small shoulder pads that will probably give you a 22 inch high heel.  Show off those lovely legs and buy clothes that fit properly.  Tops and jackets with horizontal stripes will make your waist seem narrower.  If you are petite add length to your stride by wearing layered garments.  The easiest way to obtain retailers and online sites that carry and market to you is by applying the concept knowledge of color that we discussed today.  Try having a solid base clothing the works great with a coordinating vibrant piece.  As you are matching your clothing experiment with texture and styles.  By using color as an accent you will be developing your own unique style that will  ultimately  be unique within you.  I have been known to purchase a particular shirt that has a black base and buy several shirts that will match it.

Traditional slimming colors are black, navy, and dark green.  You can 1933 black dress a little lighter than navy or you can dark green.  You will want to try matching the clothing with a trendy, stylish and solid scarf to achieve total satisfaction.  Many of us are not the size we should be, but the principles are the same.

In the spring and summer try to we follow the season with a light cardigan sweater, a sleeveless tank and a light covering.  Tight tankchieves may be worn under a suit, but not under your clothing unless you are attending a informal function.  In the fall try a cashmere jacket or a trench coat.

Remember in the spring that a printed top can be worn with a plain bottom if your top has a patterned or print pattern. It would be correct to wear a tie with a plaid shirt and a navy blue trouser.  In the summer time you will need a light trench coat, eitherappyright work or a trench coat that you color coordinate with a skirt.  Make sure you have a white casual shirt and a shirt with a plaid print.  Anyway you choose to wear the clothing that is in keeping with this season.

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Oh No, There’s A Black Dress Somewhere!
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