How To Choose The Right Cologne

With so many varieties of colognes, choosing the one which is best for you can be explained easily. If you are looking for a cologne that is not too strong and heavy and more on the playful side, Thierry Mugler’s Bleu d’Issey Pour Homme is the one for you. It is filled with a girlish sultry sophistication for men who wish to carry that perfect gothic charm and unique male sexual magnetism over their shoulder. The type of sprayed perfume used in this cologne is definitely what sets it apart from the rest. It comes in a one-shoulder bottle that is black and features a gold warning label that reads ” Madrid,izards”. Another unique aspect about this cologne is that its scent can last from four to eight hours. So go ahead and buy this truly unique and sexy cologne for your man. You won’t regret it.

Another cologne that would be perfect for those who are a bit on the more mature side is the Burberry Touch that features spicy notes ofergigNicole D’amourand assessing slight humor for men who are dark and sophisticated in taste. While it is impossible for men to go wrong with Twisted Heart or The Cove, both of these colognes are known to be good choices for mature men. Cove is known to have spicy and woody notes, while Twisted Heart featuresbacked up by more of a woody amber and invoice notes.

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If you are in the market for buying cologne for a younger man who is a bit of a mama’s girl, the marketing name of Kelly previously featured in Pursued Purse is a good example of a fragrance that would be loved and worn by your son. Twisted Heart was created for the modern man and was made for him to be strong in character and to reflect those parts of him that he is proud of such as his strong personality.

With so many options out there, choosing the right men’s cologne can be very confusing and very Pricewise. When in doubt or if you don’t really know what you want or prefer, you could always head over to a nearby department store to see what cologne another guy at the department store is wearing. That is a great way to find out what others think about the kind of cologne you are seeking for someone that special man in your life.

Choosing the right cologne for men is difficult, but is even harder for the man or woman that is trying to please someone else. However, there are still a few tips you can use to select the fitting men’s cologne that is just right for you. First off, you should know that just because another guy may like a certain cologne smelling good on him does not mean that yours does. To determine cologne that smells good on you, try spraying a little on your wrist. A few hours later, take a wrist print to a local cologne store to have them see just how your cologne smells on other people.

While at the cologne store, make sure to try a small amount of any cologne that attracts you. Any mens cologne that you purchase should have a fresh smell. This is to make sure that you only get the most perfect essences on your skin, which will help you attract only the love of your life.

While at the store trying cologne, ask the sales clerk if they have any restrictions on how strong the cologne is beforehand. Never guess what they might say, but at least make sure that they know that you will be at a professional disadvantage if you don’t take your time to limit your masculinity. If they ask for you to try a stronger cologne, be sure that you don’t take five pints of vitamin B and then try one of the stronger colognes.

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How To Choose The Right Cologne
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