When And How To Take Care Of Your Boots

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Premium boots are usually very high quality, which means that they will naturally require some amount of maintenance. Yes, simply by using basic principles and simple techniques you can take care of your wearables and add longevity to your investment. Below you will find a few tips that show you exactly how to care for your pair today.

One of the first things you should do is look over your boots very carefully. If your boots are new, then chances are that you’ve purchased a quality pair with lots of life left in them. However, as you take an interest in the care and feeding of your pair, you will eventually notice small areas that are worn down or faded. Don’t worry, this is all normal and part of the process of maintaining your boots. The most important tip to finishing off your look is to take out your boots, tune them up and resole them. This will add years of life, when you finally decide to put your boots up for sale.

If your boots have a traditional leather upper then you will most likely be able to clean these by using a quality leather cleaner and protector. Another great combination to use is a mixture of aviator andcommon cowhide leather cleaner and protector. These are the best products for cleaning your boots, which will not only clean the boots but protect them in the long run as well. The Joilette brand leather cleaner and protector are made specifically for leather, while regular leather cleaners and conditioners can cause serious wear and tear on your investment.

Another part of caring for your high quality boots is to try using a waterproofing method. When cleaning your boots with liquid soaps or cleaners, you have to make sure that you apply this product first to the areas of the boots that you are most affected. If you remove the cleaner or soap too quickly, your boots will be damaged by the chemicals. Another good practice to follow is to waterproof your boots during first uses. Again, you want to make sure that you don’t remove these covering and protecting agents before you first clean the boots. Keep this product in mind so that when you start to clean your boots, you can remove anyathing that manufactures put on your boots to prevent flaming or searing events.

Many boots and shoes are also equipped with leather insoles, for additional comfort. Leather insoles can drastically increase the comfort at the end of the day, especially when you are standing in one place for a period of time. The problem with a leather insole is that over time it can cause you to sweat and become uncomfortable. The best way to avoid this is to first get your feet thoroughly checked out by a medical professional. Your feet may be fine after paying the cost, but if other areas are too tight or too stretched out you may be spending a fortune at the hospital.

Dry your boots in the natural manner that it is designed to be worn. Never store boots in a plastic garment bag. That’s a real no-no. Besides, it can leave a bad smell that is too powerful to be mistaken for that of glue. If it is going to snow, then you might want to think about getting some thermal-insulated boot covers to keep your feet nice and toasty.

Don’t worry about wearing tall boots. Style is actually not that important. Your boots can be of any length that you choose. However, if you choose to wear tall boots, make sure that you don’t wear a pair of tennis shoes in the process. That usually only ends up giving you the looks that you are trying to avoid.

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When And How To Take Care Of Your Boots
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