Top 5 Rings In Vogue

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In fashionenty, people tend to cling on to the clothes they were given as wedding gifts. And rings have now become a popular gift for both genders. Suppose you are giving a ring to your beloved husband or gifting it to someone special, rings are presented to you as wedding gifts, engagement gifts, anniversaries, and even as a groom ring.

Exquisite, gorgeous and dazzling rings are one of the most popular reasons behind the sudden spike of demand for men’s wedding rings. Conversely, among women, rings have recently been given as gifts for bridesmaids, intermarriages and mother-wives. Typically, one has to buy a diamond ring as a wedding gift. After all, why buy a diamond ring as a groom ring or a bridesmaid’s ring? Moreover, if you buy a diamond ring as a groom ring, a bride who stands next to you in a wedding line-up (which any bride will find herself in at some point) will definitely appreciate the gesture.

Those who have recently been given a wedding gift do not necessarily like the idea of wearing that ring. What they generally object to is hindered hands, calluses, rough nails and in general, feeling like a dog with a leash. Despite this, you still run the risk of wearing aboyle ringor a dull rubber band. So what are the solutions here? How can we manage to buy rings with an altogether new aura? Below are a few ideas. We will give some tips on what to expect, as well as cover a few pitfalls. Colored Theme Rings

Colored theme rings typically have a color coded motif sprayed all over them. Let us say we have a color scheme of dark blue with crimson red, then the downside would be that the ring will most likely be dull and unchanged. That is not the case though, with contrasted and contrasting color tones. For example, a combination of dark red and champagne yellow will likely catch the eye both positively as well as detracting negatively. The good thing is that although it will catch the eye, we would not want to give the impression that we were so tuned in to the pre-wedding jitters that we did not notice the scheme. That is why therefore, we must consider the entire scheme, including the place and nature of the event. That way, we will manage to buy rings of complimentary colors, as well as coordinating pale yellow earrings with our appropriately colored scheme.

Be Different

Other than white/cess statistics, color schemes may just as well, make or break our ability to be diverse and smart. Let us say instead of buying a neutral satin diamond ring we may want to consider having a baby red (or red-pink, if you are using the red color scheme) built into the band. That way, if the recipient is fashion forward they will be willing to wear it. That way they will call it their own works. That way they will be proud to wear it (for the right reasons, of course).

Designing this way also has the advantage of the ring fitting somewhat snuggly, so it will not stick out as if it were plonked down dead on the ring finger. If we do it right, the landscape will be one of color and magic, regardless of what we are having on the fingers.

If it is a chore to think of complementary color scheme, we may as well go to the next best thing: color wheel. A color wheel depicts the colors in the world around us. As a result of there being seven colors in a single color wheel, it means that we can have an area of no color at all, and yet have a very good area of color.

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