The Wardrobe Revamp

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Are you experiencing the ‘I hate everything I own’ flu? It happens to all of us, especially at the end of a season. Trying to decide what to keep and what to throw away in an effort to refreshing your wardrobe? flooding bags, outgrown clothes and the Christmas bonus; all these items perfect for the few now left. To revamp your Gallery, ditch the bias-cuts, buy new-to-you gifts and fill in the holes with accessories.

The key is to create a core set of items that are as close to your heart as possible. Everyone should have a few essential items they wear regularly, that team up with a variety of the items you now swap out. Some of these core items you could even consider donating to charity, or giving them as gifts this Christmas season. Let’s call them the ‘basics’.

Choose a variation of t-shirts, perhaps a different colour for each occasion, wear in neutral colours, with a different cardigan or jacket for each day. There’s nothing more casual than a crisp white t-shirt, but it can be with a longer draped cardigan in a softer shade as an outfit on a night out. supplementary pieces that can be traded off each season are a cardigan, jeans, trousers, skirt, trousers, jeans, blouse, a jacket, cardigan, cami, hose and a large blackberry. Wear a skinny belt, and accessorise with large blackberry and ear candies, purple, earrings, and bangles.

Jeans are a vital, essential item that must be in the wardrobe. Follow the basic style rules above; get a belt, wear jeans without embellishments, add a few running shoes, a few statement necklaces, as well as a large blackberry. Denim can usually be thrown on over anything, and this is its trickiness. Accessorise denim with a bangle, chunky blackberry, earrings, and black framed rectangular mirror, add a big pair of sunglasses, a statement bracelet, a V-neck T-shirt, and black veil.

Add two basic coloured T-shirts, a vest top, jeans, a skirt, a jacket or a blazer. Wear it with the slimming illusion edge of a shapeless top, trousers, skirt, or jeans, a vest top, a blazer or a shrug. Add statement jewellery, statement belts, and a big pair of shades.

Be inspired by the styling so you know how to create your own personal stylist, assemble the basics and the basics, and then extend this with statement, statement, statement, statement! Adding a few cocktail dresses or evening wear dresses that can be switched up and altered won’t cost you anything. Getting low-cost tops and jackets that will see you through the season won’t hurt either. The Cools Wow Laureate jacket is a cape too cool for school, and your favourite Sienna Miller cast will be your best friend.

The same applies to other items that can be switched up to suit who you are, and who you find yourself attracted to.

As a minimum, aim to roughen up the look of your basic pieces. You can play with neutral colours in easy to wear hues, pay particular attention to hats, and use accessories such as scarves, bangle bracelets, big earrings, belts, socks, legwarmers, and well-made bags.

Then in reverse order add embellishments and details as your wish, so a necklace becomes an elaborate necklace, a bracelet, a shimmering broach at the wrist, or a chunky ring.

Tailor your classic look with statement jewelery, either real (from an unusual jeweller), or faux, and a couple of statement rings.

Tone down the makeup for daytime, then make up for the evening with pizzazz from head to toe.

Finally, colour your hair, your nails and your dress with the right colours.

This is it; your best recent holiday, a revamp of your wardrobe, and maybe even your best dress-up career, all in one adventure which hopefully helps you look a million dollars!

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The Wardrobe Revamp
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