The Nike Dunk Mid Pro SB-Money Cat

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The Nike Dunk Mid Pro SB-Money Cat is one of the most colorful shoes in the Nike ‘mid’ dunks family. This is due to the fact that it has a number of different colors that make it a shoe that anyone would want to have. While there are shoes in this basic family that are black and white, there are also others that have colors like red and pink. Of all the ‘mid’ dunks shoes that I have gotten to use, though, it is the Nike SB-Money Cat that I have gotten most enchanted with.

In looking at the Nike SB-Money Cat, it is hard to emphasize how colorful the shoe is. Even on my light day, it is hard to see any possible flaw in the shoe ( except, of course, for the fact that it is black and high heeled). At first glance, it looks like a fairly simple shoe: there are leather straps wrapped around the bottom of the shoe, and a number of these are naturally dyed colors (which means that they will match your socks, which are replacing the white ones from earlier in the day). Still, after taking it for a ’round ofalls’ and hitting the streets, I am impressed by the way that it has lasted. There is absolutely no wear on the sole, where the sole seems to have picked up some stones, and the stitching is still without a hitch (also, for some strange reason, the Nike ‘tick’ that is supposed to be a feature of all these shoes seems to be disappearing).

For a shoe this expensive, the mechanics and design do not seem to have been too compromised in any way, so it is at first glance one of the more stunning products in the Nike ‘mid’ dunks. That it is also one of the most colorful shoes that I have gotten to use is a plus, too – when you get something this high fashion on your feet, you are going to want to wear it with more than one outfit, and in fact, the two or three times I have taken this shoe out of the bag for a night on the town, the experience has been amusing, to say the least.

As is obviously obvious from the name, the Nike SB-Money Cat is a ‘mid’ dunk – meaning that it is only a few centimeters higher from the ground than a number of other ‘mid’ dunks; and though there are admittedly many people who would consider this shoe to be too tall for their feet, for my purposes here, it will stay categorized as a ‘low’ dunk. It is notable, too, that Nike Game is the only brand name on the sole of this shoe, with ‘Money’ appearing as an external tag and covering nearly one-third of the shoe’s area from the front to the back of the shoe; at least. Colors available include black, pink, red, yellow, grey, white and bottle green.

For a fully enclosed shoe, the Nike SB-Money Cat elevated its class with its vulcanized rubber construction, which led to a shoe that was essentially indestructible in the event you happened to drop it. While the vulcanized rubber did stretch a bit, it still held up rather well in the few instances that the shoe did begin to lose its form.

Nike mid ‘kings,’ which were an elevated version of the sneaker, also made quite a strong impression. In the event you were to try to bend the shoe without any leats, the rubber just ripped into your skin, which eventually led to its complete replacement.

For a while, it seemed like the Nike SB-Money Cat was permanently banned from the sneaker world; a couple of months after its release, that is – until a cue card exposing the rule was spotted by sneakerheads everywhere. Regardless, the shoe is simply not available in any alternative via retail stores, or,ucases, due to its high demand by collectors.

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The Nike Dunk Mid Pro SB-Money Cat
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