Dooney Purses

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Back in 1975, in the town of Norwalk, Connecticut, there were two men by the names of Peter Dooney and Frederic Bourke. If their last names do not sound familiar then you must not be that into purses. Dooney Purses are not just any kind of purse. They are made from genuine leather (some even from crocodile) which makes them sturdy, yet at the same time their designs and beautiful colors are attractive. Dooney Purses vary in price, but the average price seems to be sticking around $300 dollars. When the company first got its start the other competitors in the industry were using all natural colors for their products. However the Dooney Purses were unique. They were made with bright and vibrant splashes of color that no other manufacturer had seen, yet they were beingige, light brown, or even straw colored. The purses themselves were very unique and often rather plain. However when the company started there were not only more styles but many different colors to choose from as well.

I have collected several different kinds of purses during the years. I have a large gray Fendi that I bought at a big department store for $45, and I have a huge Bottega Veneta that is long gone, having been rarely used. I have a small Louis Vuitton bag that hasgdacityof the bag.

I have also found a very nice Coach handbag. I have several Coach Signature Stripe handbags. Not only do they have great styles, but they are all canvas with signature stripe stitching. I love to have my handbag more visible when I take a picture. With all of the colorful options available, I can match any outfit while carrying a Coach handbag. And, of course, this little bag makes a spectacular gift for a Mom, a girl, or any friend on any side of the family.

I try to think of different things to say about different types of purses, and I think that is the best way to begin a conversation. Purses are a way to express your individual style, your personality, your likes and dislikes, your tastes and even your mood. You may discover that your next great purse is right in your own closet. You may just need to add a new style to your wardrobe. Try the wide variety of fabrics that are available in the industry. The Dooney handbags can be found at fine department stores such as Macy’s, Bloomingdales, and many other fine retailers. Their purses range in price from the affordable to high end.

If you carry a Dooney handbag you will be creating memory for other people. And they will cherish the voucher or coupon you will give them when they purchase the bag with their purchases. Your friends will want to know where they can go buy a new bag. Buying a Dooney handbag is a great option for both men and women. By buying a Dooney handbag you help put more money in the hands of the consumers and help save the earth.

Large handbags such as the Dooney handbags are perfect for just about any occasion. By choosing the proper type of purse for the occasion, you will be able to give yourself the look that you want. For example, if you want to look classy and sophisticated for a business meeting, a classic patent leather handbag with small ruffles is the best. Or, if you want to look fun and trendy for a summer date you can go with a brighter colors like yellow and coral or orange and banana. You can even find some fabulous, stylish handbags that have fabulous patterns like the Dooney label with the series of Dove ladybugs. These bags are all stylish and classy. So, any time you are ready to go to a social event or go to a summer wedding you will look stylish and classy with a Dooney handbag.

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Dooney Purses
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