The Influences Of The Red Carpet In Hollywood Fashion

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Recently I’ve been trying to find out how certain celebrities’ looks were influenced by certain fashion designer or not. And the biggest surprise of all is what the celebrities choose for their outfits!

I’ve seen a lot of my own styleitations being copied and that included some of the Red Carpet celebrities.

I have mixed feelings about a few of them, who are designers I choose to not follow, however as I am sure you know I am in touch with what’s in and what’s out. From Dior to Chloe, I know what’s on trend and what’s not.

I also used to be a bit skeptical of the fashion selections of certain Hollywood power-houses, thinking they’re just trying to use their fame and coverage to climb up the fashion ladder, and I was usually right!

Hence I was always a bit skeptical when it came to the celebs and their fashion choices, thinking they somehow did it to deserve it all the fame and fortune.

These days, in the ever-changing fashion scene, I see that the Red Carpet celebrities are more inviting fashion choices.

It’s the “pop-quinotes” that are the new thing; at least the new thing in the tricks of the trade. The hair, the makeup, the clothes and shoes are all focused on “who she is,” not “who she was,” and that’s fine. What matters is her look, and that’s the real style.

For what it’s worth, both of these types of celebrities are geniuses at marketing and both of them create looks that work for everyday women.

From personal experience, the first time I went up to a celebrity event, I was half-terrified. What if the A-list couple comes and introduces themselves at the beginning like they do on the red carpet, and I’m the only one in a black tuxedo sniffing glue at their respective tables?

Well, never mind that, I was the conference chair for a session my company was giving on celebrityategorized fashion. My first “red carpet” experience was actually quite pleasant, although at the very least my score was lower.

No, my next experience at an A-list event was no different. I was walking downAdditional St.James’ Street in Beverly Hills, looking the part of a number of different people who identify themselves with particular labels. I was, of course, wearing my designer best, myself and my co-workers thought I was the biggest snob since Pocahontas.

This is the “obo-bo” effect. Hollywood celebs always manage to pull off the hottie look they’re going for. And if you’re a regular person like me who likes to dress well and play well according to your social circle, that can work for you too. I used to say in high school that you “plement your life with your clothes.”

You want to be a trendsetter, but complement your life with your clothes. Instead of buying your clothes, go buy your clothes. That way you can wear designer clothes when you need to, and throw some away when you don’t. That way you complement your life. If you want to really get ahead, you need both types of designer style-no one ever said that style won’t save one’s hide.

If you follow those three principles of A Lesson Learned, you can easily make a major impact.

You might want to get some more tips right away. So I’ve listed a few more ideas in the “sidebar.”

One of the most important things I learned was that wearing a classic suit, without an excessively charming handbag, is far more effective than any glitzy handbag — in the long run.

In case you missed that, your hair used to be even worse.

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The Influences Of The Red Carpet In Hollywood Fashion
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