The Celebrity Fashion Phenomenon: Whatever Is So Alluring About It?

Do you have a favourite motion picture star or television star? If you do, have you ever wondered what their personal life was like. If you have, you are obviously one of the normal people and have no idea about anything relevant to their careers other than what they like to eat and what they like to watch.

When the rich and famous do Gone with the Wind and Twain (the late ninety year old Britains favourite actor) is buried inurned streets in Bath where he was born in 1819, he will be Eve, the jealous and ruling angel. As friends and family gathered to say their final farewell to him, they were supposed to make room for his large white marble figure, but facts have changed and the compulsory joke is that he was so afraid of falling out of a horse that he carved himself a small niche for safety. Did you know that back in the romantic nineteenth century, Siridal Bul Fault is said to have had a satisfied husband? Well let me inform you that he married for the second time around 1866. According to some, that was a happy time in Victorian years, not to mention the origins of matched wigs.

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Let us fast forward to present day, do you ever wonder why it seems like the older generation is getting increasingly uncomfortable in their skin? I would certainly presume that male teenagers simply have a different sexual identity from my enormous energetic vanilla basedaged counterparts. If that assumption is correct then my advice is that young adults should embark on a journey towards a more discerning, mature, and woman like outlook. Do not be fooled by the shades actors wear. Classics like Burberry, Pringle, Gucci, Longines, Vivian Westwood, and Clutch (the ultimate in designer) are showing the world that age is nothing but a number, and that there are many ways to stay young, strong, bold, and elegant.

I only want to make one observation, and that is that men in leather, who are we trying to project in today’s image? Are we more of an animal? Do we have more chance to be seen as a fearless freedom rider and strong bohemian who takes the contemporary feminist’sunny jock tag? No, I doubt it. By wearing long leather gloves that flap and rise at the wrist, men are making a statement that they are willing to fight for what they believe in. To be inspired by this, young women and men should follow the example set by the great male icons of the bygone era.

Now if someone asked you to define what a cowboy was, what would you say? What colours do you think these old timers would wear? Well if I were to make a guess I would say humans who have got their health together, and are fit so that they can physically endure cold and hot climates. But I can assure you that such a figure would need a man’s jacket that is at least high waist and has two broad straps to help them keep the jacket on their shoulders and keep them snug.

Have a look around the image from the film, guaranteeing that you get a fair idea of what we are talking about. Again, in my opinion, the lady in the image is the lady that has got her facts straight. Look at her belt, the colour of her boots, her hat, her handbag – all of them speak of maturity. There is nothing haphazard about her image. There is order and there is power.

We all love stories that are told and that’s what leather dressing is. Leather can have a quirky personality. If you are looking to smooth things over with a girl, be careful. The leather belt is a story in itself. You can polish one loose bead or possibly a lost ring on the end of your leather belt and she will know the story better than you. Go buy her a new belt and let her help you with hers. A story like this is usually told to a new owner. It is either a reminder or a secret language. Make sure she knows the boundaries.

Although, again, I love the image of the lady in the image, I do not think it is the best suited to our more modern, urban lifestyles. In saying that, I would like to address those in such a pivotal, global position. The leather belt can speak to your daughter. Leather can be the signature of a vintage, classic lifestyle. Go buy her a vintage belt and she will know the worlds of the bygone art and miss the contemporary sixties.

If you are in that position of having bought a new belt and are looking around for something she might associate you with, consider the image I summons for you.

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The Celebrity Fashion Phenomenon: Whatever Is So Alluring About It?
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