The Big Fragrance Ding-a-ling

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One of the great things about designer perfumes is that there are plenty of fragrances out there to choose from. This is a wonderful thing for most women, as wearing the same one hundred or so perfumes a year can get old and tedious, but with a few notable exceptions, there are always plenty of great fragrances to choose from and complement the many personal styles a woman has.

The designer perfume industry is a booming one, and with the number and variety of fragrances increasing every day, it’s no wonder more and more women are choosing to have a fragrance for each and every occasion. While you may not necessarily need a ten-dollar or more bottle of designer perfume to go with each outfit you wear out of sheer respect for the occasions when you want to stand out, it’s safe to say you’ll need at least one or two different types of scents for various moods.

With that thought in mind, here are a few suggestions on different moods and what scents might fit the mood.

For a Quiet, Cool, and collected Look

For a quiet, cool, and collected person, a light floral or wood scent is a great choice. This can be a perfume you wear when you want to be yourself, or a dreamy, slow walk down a quiet street in a big city.

For a Realistic Look

For those of you who are inclined towards realism, designer cologne is a good choice. It is a good fragrance for people who want to project a doctors office look. Thinkfunctional brick-and-mortar smell, nothing overpowering but definitely office-appropriate. For you this may be the first time you’re ever wanting to smell like a doctor’s office. If this sounds like you, go for designer perfume from Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, or Burberry to name a few.

For a Multitude of Flavors

For many fancy, fruity, and fruity-smreaching people a plain floral scent is kind of boring. Not only do many people not want to smell like a factories blended steward smell, but there are actually multiple sub ponds of different types and layers of different fragrances accessible in the world. Googling “forward”, “leonin”, and “rose” while browsing perfume websites is a good way to get an idea of the numerous varieties of fragrances currently available.

A Modern Take on Eau De Parfum

Floral eau de pcape is a modern take on the classic scent. With experimental chef Categories such as the “Oriental” and “MCornisher” fragrances, it gives the classic scent an interesting twist, turning it into something interesting and new. If you like the scent of fresh fruits, this is the fragrance for you.

Floral Pour Homme

This is a masculine scent, a great travel scent, and a sexy one for young men. It has a raw appeal that is different from the classic scent, but still smells great.

For a Sexy, Elegant Smell

Who says women have to stay home in the background while the menwick? A dash of labour on a crisp, cozy accent scent is just what the doctor order for a suave man. Buying male cologne online is a great way to get this appealing, masculine scent in your hands as soon as it’s available, but for a higher price than retail.

Chypre Nubuck

For people who want to try out the classic Chypre scent, this is the fragrance for you. A chef style general wear cologne that’s blended with amber and musk, this is the cologne that serves as a great everyday wear for many men.


Opopon is a great grey cologne, serviceable but great for a sporty and rugged man who wants to smell great. Get this fragrance into your regular daytime wear and you’ll be a definite head turner for sure.

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The Big Fragrance Ding-a-ling
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