Shopping – Best Dresses To Be Tall

As a Finn and hopes to have a long relationship with the fashion industry I am writing this article to help other Tall and Tall Women to help them through my postural problems and empower them to shop with a clear mind. We Tall Women sees a skirt down the arm and thinks ‘I’m probably never going to get the hem that I want!’ the problem for us is that the majority of skirts are designed for the establishment far more than the woman with the curves. The problem also is that the clothing from the majority of designers (especially for Women’s clothing) are made with models in mind at the expense of the body shape and height of the majority of women.

The mission of the Tall and Tall Merchandise store is to go where the trend is going. We select skirts, dresses and tops in the latest designs to suit the needs of the customer. In addition to that we offer our services including professional advice to the buyer whenever they are shopping. Why? Because we know where the trends are headed. The big international brands have a bigger impact than the local ones. The buyer wants to follow trends and, not just for functionality but also to look good, too.

woman wearing black off-shoulder blouse and pink and multicolored floral skirt

A new trend is emerging, the high waist skirt. It is in fashion for the last few years and this season it is bigger and better than ever before. In addition to this the demand is getting stronger, too. The top designers are working flat out to provide a range of skirts with a high waist for women who want to have a different look but don’t want to look as old-fashioned as everyone else. The high waist skirt is better designed to flatter a woman’s curves instead of trying to flatten her figure like a girdle.

Let me emphasise that I am not saying that the long thin skirt is not flattering for any shape, this is a statement skirt, which is why I like it so much! My point being that the majority of designers seem to design clothing with a specific body shape in mind whether it is curvy, straight, or slim.

High waist skirts come in a variety of fabrics, we have the silky soft cashmere, thick wool, the new rich inky look which is out this season, thicker linen which is a favourite fabric for summer. But the best and highest quality high waist pieces are made from wool and silk to provide the shine and dimension to our best features. Some designers will show the details of the garment but with this season being so fashionable, you will probably choose a style with ruffles, fancy stitching or large floral patterns. The best compliment for this type of garment is a sparkling cocktail ring or a pair of tailored gold or silver earrings.

To Funk Up Your New Years Eve Look

This season when you are decorating your house with sparkly, brightly coloured or patterned textiles, think jewelery. Get yourself a really pretty necklace to go with your classic dress in the best style for your body shape. With this round of jewellery you have the option of adding some sparking beads around your neck. Or go for a brooch to pin up the top of your dress shirt collar or earrings. There is so much available, that you can use a variety of styles. This is a great excuse to get a really pretty pin or turn a few loose strands of hair into a magical pair of laurel wreaths.

I find that the best earrings are the small ones, which are slim, they don’t get noticed but they create the most effect. There are plenty of choice out there, which are so pretty. You could even just get two different styles of earrings; a small hoop or long beaded chains. My tip is to match your jewellery to the look you are going for, if you are heavily made up, go for chunky styles and larger earrings. If you are a bit more natural, stick to small hoops.

For your hair, have a chic hairstyle with all the tousled, foreched locks in place. Don’t pull it up, just hold it down for that chic look. Don’t be seduced by those hair straighteners; they are on the way out, and hair curlers are making a comeback! The hot hair styles this year include long sleek locks, natural tousled tresses, long curly locks and relaxed mane styles.

This Summer Ladies, Look Good and Feel Good in Your gorgeous flowing silk dress, while they are flattering and pretty they are also very practical and comfortable with lots of pockets for all your bits and pieces. Enjoy this season to the fullest because next year it will be even better!

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Shopping – Best Dresses To Be Tall
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