Reflections Of Beauty

Reflects your personality

When you attend an organized event, you wear formal clothes to represent you are preparing to meet someone for a date or for work. Most women invest much time in deciding what to wear for a big event such as a dance, engagement, wedding, job, reunion, office, or a business meeting.

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You may not realize it but what you wear, when you wear it, where you wear it, and how you wear it, all these may reflect your personality and may even categorize you as a particular type. There are certain colors that enhance one type of personality over others. There are general rules of contrasting and they may change with the seasons of the year, however they are such that no one can claim that there rules are not true.

Examples of these types would be the violet because of its association with religion and holy people. That same violet is used to make the ‘Christian’ custom cufflinks that have become such a tradition in that part of the world. Such designs also include the iris’, myrtle, rose and sapphire. A person who wears iris’ cufflinks has come under the assumption of a spirituality.

Myrtle are associated with angels, therefore if you wear pieces that make those angels, you are considered to be of old or Christian. And sapphire is associated with the Greeks meaning happiness, princes, and wisdom, therefore if you wear pieces with those colors, you are considered to be a Greek.

However, even colors by themselves are not enough to categorize you, because the occasion and time of the event, and the overall tone of the event may also play a role. An event that takes place in the night, in the indoors, in a Athletic venue, or in a very warm place may demand a certain color as representing you. This tone would most likely be a result of you, being a singer or artist, being glamorous or a socialite.

A very popular example of these divided colors and themes would be the Oscars, where red carpet dresses are required and people who are eligible to be named the new face of the face of the month, need to sport dresses in colors that are best worn at night. Red graduates right to violet, during January when the weather is cold, and purple is just emerging from its shade of lilac.

As you can see, the combination of colors is vast and Pandora style cufflinks fits in quite nicely. You can purchase these either for you or as a gift for a friend or relative. These are very good Gifts either for Christmas, a New Year, or any time of year. You can find cufflinks that have the current colors of the day, the ones from last year, or the one from three years ago. There are even those that from the far away places of Africa bring you cufflinks that are in charge of conveying a tribute to the great leader of their countrymen. There is such a variety to make choices from, and the costs just stay in the low single digits.

As for the men, there are cufflinks that have slender naked ladies modeled after the Hollywood beauties. If you are the adventurous type that is not afraid to get the girls, then these are the cufflinks that show clearly that you are a playboy and also a hunk. From the early 80’s to today, cufflinks have evolved and altered thanks to world-renowned designers. The Queen of sophistication, Max Azria, is one renowned designer that is young (he’s only 25!), confident, and bears the dewiest of confidence.

Max knew that there are some cufflinks that are too wild and inappropriate for certain occasions, so he developed the perfect balance: cufflinks that are stylish, and less appropriate for certain occasions. He created cufflinks that are appropriate for business casual events and give off the look of a million bucks. Indeed, before long, cufflinks were the first jewelry chosen by the best Priceless Perfume, Because they are stylish, but still acceptable for a casual event, cufflinks are one of the best ways to get a “free ride” on a budget.

Although it may be difficult to continually source for the proper attire for an event with an elusive, borderless passion,little boys and teenagers will lovewearinga bunch of sparkles to decorate their cuffed baseball pants. Wearing silk with silk feels so soft and silky; such a treat for the skin on your hands. Not only will the lack of a sticky, dusty challenge be a benefit, it will eliminate the chance that appearance will somehow slip. I imagine you are more than likely not wearing your “Speed Check” clothes on a Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide an entire outfit for every single event (you would eat up too much of our shortage!).

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Reflections Of Beauty
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