Italian Designer Jewelry Trends For 2012

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The year 2012 is a brand new year for many people and a great time to explore the varieties of jewelry available. With a whole host of new jewelry jewelry trends emerging or evolving, it’s difficult not to get overwhelmed by the seemingly overwhelming choices. While the newest trends range from bold, big and bold, to beautiful, smaller pieces, the true test of any trend is how you wear it. For this year, designer jewelry trends are shining with charm. They are all the rage, and this post will look at the ones that are making the big comeback.

Colored Glasses: Color treated eyeglasses have been around since the 1980’s, but are now coming back in a big way. With the current trend being significantly smaller than the 1980’s designs, it’s clear that color treated eyeglasses are making their way back into the limelight. While the tinted glasses of the eighties and nineties were a real vibe, color treated eyeglasses are bright and bold. They are designed as three-dimensional pieces, and not just two-dimensional as they were in the past. Expect to see colored frames from everyday fashion brands as well as jewelry and eyeglasses from the top fashion houses.

Titanium & Polished Metals: Titanium is a metal that is used largely in the manufacturing of jewelry. A popular choice, it is sleek, light, durable andages well. Most stylish earrings are designed with this metal. While used in numerous forms, it is most commonly used as a component in jewelry. Even commonly paired with silver, this metal gives a decidedly edgy, bold and rock star feel to an already stunning face. In particular, white and yellow gold are popular choices for this look. Even popular and trendy designer jewelry will look stunning when paired with this metal. Most stylish three-piece regal ascot earrings are also pendant-styled, adding a regal and head-turning extra to any outfit.

Regaltops: This trend has been brewing under the surface for several years, and is finally becoming apparent. With styles for both men and women, the regal tops trend is designed to show and enhance the upper body AND the skin. The bodice and the band will be hiked up or stepped down accordingly. This trend is also showing up in women’s tops with deep-cut, layered necklines. Expect to see more bling from prominent jewelry makers, as this is the way to define and enhance the status symbol of the top.

Love handles: Love handles are back ( sort of). The netted, romantic layers will keep the bodice sleek and column while making the waistline, derriere and hips fold and arch. Fabulous is an understatement, this trend is gorgeous. Opt for extra long tops or dresses that sit at your hip line to keep your love handles under wraps!

Full skirts: An increasingly popular trend, the long, airy skirts are graceful and pretty, and can suit any shape or size. Pair this with a sturdy and sexy heel (appropriate for type of top you’re wearing), or even a flat sandal or wedge to keep balance. This trend also extends to the way top halves are cut. The top is typically much more cuttered and revealing than a sleeveless trend.

Layer necklaces: In keeping with the floral trend, you’ll see layers of simple necklaces adorning many of the top jewelry trends of 2012. These are stunning pieces that add a subtle air of glamour and opulence to any outfit.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the latest jewelry trends. With so many beautiful, individual designs available, you’ll have a lot of room to still show off your personal style!

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Italian Designer Jewelry Trends For 2012
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