How To Tell If Your Coach Handbag Is Genuine

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Coach is one of the most recognized designers and producers of leather handbags. The quality of a Coach handbag is without question and they are widely known for the unique designs and innovative styles in their handbags. Whether you are a woman or a man, you can be assured that a Coach handbag is both trendy and stylish and will make you feel good. There are many various types, designs and colors of coach handbags and it is often confusing to select the right one. This guide is designed to help you select the right coach handbag and help you do so quickly and easily.

When looking at the Coach website, what you will find is a list of the currently available colors and styles. You will find three categories under Accessories – Handbags, Totes and Wallets. So, the first step to help you identify a fake coach handbag is to check out the list of the currently available colors and styles. Every few weeks, Coach releases a new selection of handbag colors and styles. You can select one of the current colors, or one of their future colors which is yet to be released.

If you are unable to see the handbag in the categories, or are not happy with the color of one of the choices, then an identified phoney coach handbag could be a fake one. Fake coach handbags may have a different color and design but they always have the famous C.

An authentic coach handbag will always have a serial number beside the serial number. All coach handbags come with an authenticity card, also, if you see your coach handbag is missing one of these items then that should be an authentic coach handbag. Also, feel free to check out the stitching on the particular coach handbag you are purchasing. The fabric used on counterfeit coach handbags is not as good as it is found on genuine ones.

You can identify a fake coach handbag by checking out the quality of stitching on the particular item you are buying. Ensure that it is a quality made coach handbag and not a shoddy fake one. Most people who wish to purchase a coach handbag do so online and therefore take the Hippie Handbag for granted. You should do the necessary research and check out the forums, which are forums dedicated to all things related to Coach.

Also, you can check for the wallet which coach gives you as a function when you purchase a coach handbag. Most genuine coach handbags come with matching wallets. Nonetheless, a fake one will never come with a wallet and you can identify it as a fake coach handbag for probably the simple reason that its wallet is always missing.

Another obvious flimsy sign is the quality of the fabric used on genuine coach handbags. Feel the fabric after investing in it. A good fabric is one which is neither shiny nor dull and the quality should be good for it is not worth very much at all. Since many people invest in coach handbags, how could they afford to buy a fake one?

But the biggest giveaway is the actual leather used for the manufacture of a coach handbag. Ensure that the actual leather used in the manufacture of that handbag is of fine quality. You should be able to feel the texture of the actual leather. If it is spongy or stiff, then it is not genuine. Nonetheless, if it is uneven, or seems to be highly worn, then it is not an authentic one. An authentic coach handbag will always have high quality leather and it is never met with any unexpected damage, both during normal use and normal storage of the handbags.

When you are able to determine all these signs, then you are ready to strike a big blow against fakes. When it comes to buying a genuine coach handbag the process is much simpler – just walk into the store, tell the personnel what your preference is, and with just a few clicks of your mouse, you will be able to grab yourself the perfect coach handbag for your shopping session.rug

You should also check out the official website of coach. There, you will find a list of all the coach handbags currently available, their features, and the prices of each of them.

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How To Tell If Your Coach Handbag Is Genuine
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