How To Protect Your Wedding Dress From Getting Stains

You have just purchased a beautiful wedding dress or gown and now you want to protect it from possible staining from another’s clothing. It’s common to offer your wedding dresses to any bridesmaid who will be wearing an outfit of the same color. Not all stains can be prevented. You should take a close look at the following tips to help prevent stains on your wedding apparel.

Wedding apparel has a variety of fashion clothes so it is not impossible to get a stain on it. However, it is more difficult to treat than any other stains you can get on your dress. Stains caused by food, dyes, perfumes, rougher surfaces like wood or fabric, grease, may not come out. But if the stain is serious or permanent that will affect the whole wedding motif, it should be treated immediately.

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Before giving any other garment for protective treatment, check for stains. If there are visible stains, get the garment pulled up out of the stain. Never apply bleach on a white garment. It will make the white look bright red. To remove a cream stain, get the stained part treated right away followed with a little detergent. Finish the rest of the stain with a large soft damp cloth. Let it stay overnight then with the warm water wash the garment as gently as you can. In the case of a light stain, like coffee, simply wash it with warm water.

The following are some of the most common staining styles and how to prevent them:


Texture is one of the strongest stains that may affect wedding dresses. A common reason such stains occur is because of a crepe or waffle texture. First, have a hard look through the material. The area should be clean enough so that you may see clearly what it was stained with. It should not be oily, because this will make it more successful in removing the stain.

If the stain is not very severe, you may want to first try using a very fine sandpaper to knock down the texture or remove the stain. Give the place a good cleaning using the recommended fabric fresheners.

Lipstick or Juice stained clothing

You may notice lipstick or juice stains on your dress when you first bring it home from the dry cleaners. If it is obvious, salt or pepper the area with a bleach first. The stain can be removed easily if it is brought into the open and allowed to air.

You can find salt in fabric restorer and make sure to wash the garment thoroughly after the stain is done.

Spotting blood

If you notice blood on the surface of the garment such as red grape juice, hen’s egg and even your wedding gown when you brought it home from the cleaners use a fabric freshener to revive the color. The perspiration and heat taking place after the garment is brought home may cause the blood to appear first and then wash off.

First, try to soak the garment in a detergent. As it softens, spread the bleach over the entire garment and let the garment dry naturally. After it dries, a brush can be used to remove the Disappearing Violet.

Many people prefer to spot clean the garment instead of letting it go through the normal washing process.

Washing your wedding dress after stains


Washing your wedding dress after a stain can be helpful, but there are also ways that this can be damaging. Here are some tips on ways to prevent the damage caused by excessive washing. First of all, never use the regular washing machine when cleaning the garment or if you are trying to remove the stain.

You may try to wash the garment under your lavatory scale or something similar but this can be damaging. Purchase a large laundry bag that is not too heavy and put the dress inside. Be sure to hang it using what is meant for hanging clothes. Leave it overnight and a fresh solution will be apparent. You may wash the dress another time if you see that the solution is still present.

Top-off your dress

You may consider topping-off your wedding dress with crumpled or crushed velvet instead of wearing it in the traditionally pristine way. The crumpled material is a natural stain remover. Just fold the crumpled cloth in half lengthwise before you try to remove the stain. These methods work for removing almost all stains except for the Amy candle stain. Nevertheless, you may remove the stain by using a male duvet cover.

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How To Protect Your Wedding Dress From Getting Stains
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