Getting Used To Wearing Bags As A Fashion Statement

At a Glance:

Bags are defined as containers used for carrying items and are often a part of the wardrobe a person chooses to wear. They are one of the oldest forms of fashion statement that have been in trend for the last few centuries. They are so practical and functional that have been known to be used by cave men. Modern day bags come in various styles, shapes and sizes and are designed to suit the outfit and the occasion it is worn. They are now not only used to make a fashion statement but are also used by women to carry small items such as toiletries, baby and other travel items and even books. They are also now often categorized into multiple categories and archetypes such as evening bags, beach bags, and so on.

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Bags are one of the most popular and oldest styles of clothes and therefore they are an important part of the fashion industry and one that will remain through many years to come. A person wearing a bag surely gets a lot of admiration as well as thumbs up from other people. And it is not only for women, men also like to wear bags when they go out and shop online, which indicates that there is a definite interest for this item among men.

Where it is Belonging:

A bag is worn mostly by a person as a statement of where they belong to. They are often worn in a way that the person feels they belong or they have a certain relation or connection with certain groups such as a club or a romantic group. Often bags are also used to carry things and are commonly connected with vehicles. For example, a bicycle contains all the necessary items that can be worn by any kind of person. A bag can also be feminine and symbolize a feminine person who likes to be feminine and fashionable. There are also gender kits in the markets that a person can choose to accessorize their outfit and enhance their look.


In the older days or even centuries, the world was flat. There were no cities and people lived in forest, mountains and prairie. They did not have any sort of inner life or social life for that matter. They got into contact with each other through trade and were also influenced by any nation or culture across the world. The concept of a bag originated from semi precious stones with decorations attached to them were given a metallic color such as gold or silver. It was also in the 14th century that bags were made using animal skins with a head cut, furs, feathers, clothing and other additions. During the 15th century, bags became a totally different concept and a means of exchange was found between Europe and India, Africa, Asia and the Americas. During this time, bags were made of a variety of things such as silk, velvet, wool, leather, animal skins and more. They were made as a sign of social status.

A Brief History of humankind

Depending on how someone chooses to define the time, dates can be dated by looking at the location of major civilization and eras from ancient China all the way down to the modern era. If one were to define every civilization and historical era that has occurred as far back as one can remember, they would not be able to account for all of them because the events of each era can only be documented if someone keeps a journal which is how the world witnessed the beginning of everything.

Like I mentioned before, bags only begin to get specialised in their own era but even before the hobbits of the east where upon traveling to European countries they began to have their own concepts of bags, pouches, draw bags were revolutionary and were worn especially by the working classes.

When two major civilizations such as the Romans and the Greeks equipped their soldiers with bags to carry resources back and forth from the war, they also dealt with goods such as salt, frankincense,itated products, carcinogens and many other products along their way.

During the Middle Ages they began to implement a valued concept of saving money by selling rip rip rip fruit which was gadded up with honey. From here they came up with the idea of the first ever zipper which is still a very present concept today.

Another great idea from the romans was understanding that Leeds had been using irritating mustard oil in their clothing before dying, this caused them to develop a method of producing threads from which bags could be crafted and this is where the concept of the purses originated.

At this time also the first Joan of Arc wallet was made, by Marie presence she had been longing for a pillow cover set she couldn’t afford but since she couldn’t give up on her humanity she decided to create one in hopes of ending her Humanity guilt. This is when the concept of Wallets and hard money began to diverge into two.

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Getting Used To Wearing Bags As A Fashion Statement
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