Emu Bronte Boots – Classic Style With A Twist

The EMU Bronte comes from the ever popular Bronte style of boots – and yes, you might be aware that they have changed slightly since I last wrote the last article (well, a lot since I last wore the boots).  As far as styling and looks go, the Bronte is pretty much what you would expect from Emu – and even a lot of other well known boot companies.  They are not especially pretty, but they are well made and stand up to any task that you put them through – at least in my opinion.

However, as far as comfort and wearability goes the Bronte takes the cake – just trust me on that one.  The one that I have is made with some of the highest quality material on the market – I will not be lying when I say that it is everything that you hope it is.  However, don’t let the overall beauty of the boot fool you – they are (for me) some of the best in the business when it comes to overall comfort.

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Now that we have that out of the way – let me explain why the Bronte takes top honors.  They are well crafted and comfortable and will keep your feet warm – not only on those cold winter days, but up to and including your very Saturday morning joggers.  They are made with a select fabric – a combination of My hiding with fibers, wool, and Lehanga, to be exact.  These materials are what allow the boots to be so comfortable and help them to “breathe” (I use that term loosely with these boots).

If you are curious as to what the felt like, I can’t recommend highly enough that it is the softest, and then only surpassed by the Merino wool which is – as mentioned above – made up of fibers from the sheep.  There are some different varieties of real merino wool and various grades of that wool.  The highest grade is what is used in the highest grade of merino wool coats.  The Bronte is certainly worth spending that little bit extra.

Let’s talk about the wrinkles.  Bear in mind that as you may or may not have heard, when you purchase a wool coat, it will probably be super wrinkly.  This is due to the fibers of the wool getting tensed up in the heat while it is being woven (that is given extra creases in order to make it so).  However, the EMU Bronte Columbia comes in at grade 3 or ” ultra firm”, and therefore is capable of being really well structured with its fibers and produce a really nice, soft, and wrinkles resistant product.

Now, obviously I am not a clothing stylist, so the rest of this section will be based on what each boot should look like when properly fitted.  Also realize that just because you find a boot that feels great on your feet that doesn’t mean it will look the same on you – so always check out additional pictures of the boots as well.

Though if you are doing a purchase on the Bronte Columbia Women’s you are actually getting more bang for your buck – especially since the can be found for $60 or less.

Patent Replica Bronte Prices

Patent boots are troublesome when it comes to quality as a knockoff.  Many boot makers have trouble Repeating the same quality over and over again.  It’s because patent can easily getional marks on them – especially on the seams.  So – If your pockets are feeling adventurous, these are a look you might want to shy away from.

Take a look at the EMU Bronte Columbia – It’s a great alternative without all the trouble.  As I mentioned, the “bronte” has tons of advantages – but the lower cost might be a major deterrent for some.  That price is no longer as high as it used to be with other EMU boots.

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Emu Bronte Boots – Classic Style With A Twist
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