Different Styles Of Women’s Shoes – Which One Is For Me?

As a woman I feel so feminine and in love with my shoes!

How many pair of shoes do I have? You bet!  And I have lots of them.  Different styles, different colors, different sizes.

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But the one type of shoes I have in great demand is “The Shoe”.  They come in all shapes, sizes and styles.

And usually one pair of shoes is sufficient for a through day – or an adventurous weekend trip.  I have more pairs of shoes than I have people!

Which one’s appropriate for what? Well, of course, you could wear whatever shoes you fancy.  But here are some suggestions for different activities.  endorsed by a doctor, these are my suggestions for the best type of shoes to wear to be featured in a certain activity.


A woman can get away with a pair of Sneakers or Trainers in a lot of activities.  They are so durable and usually very nice looking.

Sneakers are great for the summertime, running around at the park, or wearing during casual outings.  They are not suited to most athletic activities.

Invest in a high quality pair that is in style.  You can buy ‘used’ sneakers at a very cheap price but they will not look as good, will not have the same fit and you will not be able to wear them as often.  Fashion is not the same as function.


Heels are the only type of shoes that women like to wear to the club or a bar.  They are the only type of shoes that they like without any nicety.  Heels are not suited to many activities.  They are however, great for the club and a night out.

A diverse array of heel types and styles are suitable for different types of activities.  cone shaped heel that is slender at the point of contact with the ground is best for walking, walking off the floor, doing the house rethink, dancing but not dancing when you are very boisterous.  plastic or wood heels (they need to be durable) are normally best for wear with fine grained flooring such as rug and carpet. implication: If you are very hoarse you should not wear fine grained flooring and/or expensive jewelry.  Plastic heel shoes are better.


Although Flat shoes were bummed some when they made their debut, they have a huge resounding advantage over most women’s shoes.  Flat shoes are excellent for wearing to bed.  How else can we play the role of super sexy vampire without killing our feet?  They’re also excellent for the newsdesk, making an attractive bargain.

assignments for the month will more likely be given to women who wear flat shoes and leaving the house in but, the same assignment has been asked of them on a number of occasions.  Flat shoes that aren’t made of the most durable materials don’t last very long and, you should be ready to spend more money on a good pair if you must buy at all.  This once great idea of the designers of the fashion scrum is almost universally rejected.


Boots combine the functionality of shoes with style.  They are therefore the greatest type of shoe that you want to own.  Your practical good looks can match your practical warmth with the right pair of boots.  Even the most poorly made pair of boots with poor quality fur will keep your feet warm.

Boots are widely worn (especially by women) during the winter months.  This is not because they are any less sexy than a sexy pair of heels, but because (unlike heels) they will keep you fromolls the floor.


Let me clear that up for you:  Some women are so caught up in the idea of being fashionable that they do not realize that their casual dresses need to match their own state of mind.  You may be the most beautiful woman in the world, but you will have no fashion if you won’t feel right in your casual clothing.

Also, your casual shoes need to correspond with your casual dress.  Some women will opt for running shoes (people in the know will know to look at a woman who is wearing running shoes, because the shoes say the running is done on purpose).  The general rule (unless of course you are a dancer) is that the shoes you wear should match the rest of your attire.


Finally, it is the leather treat that truly sets womens shoes apart.  Good leather shoes can make or break an outfit, and womens leather shoes need to be fitted to this state of things.  You don’t want your nice shiny leather shoes to be cutting your feet and leaving horrible cuts if you are trying to hang onto them in a hurry.

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Different Styles Of Women’s Shoes – Which One Is For Me?
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