Denim Shorts – It’s All About How You Group Them Together

The beauty about today’s sexy looking women is that they manage to combine a sense of sophistication with a confident, almost overpowering attitude. That’s why they call them cut to fit dresses — they’re dresses designed to fit a woman’s body just right, with a slim, sexy fit that looks oh so much more sexy than baggy, sloppy sizing. These are the new trends in women’s fashion.

Short haircuts abound in the fashion world. You can get a fashion forward short crop at a friend’s party or through some online retailer. Playing with a short haircut can be as exciting as trying a bun, a hairdo that almost rivals the bun due to its inherent craziness and creativity.

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Matching a short haircut with a delicate headband can bring a hint of elegance to the most revealing cut. Matching it with some knee high, high waisted skirt is going to be bold yet largely unadorned.

This season’s hottest trend is denim. The great thing about it is that it has almostgolden colors–brighter than the faked precious metals now used to trace an item like necklaces, earrings, and brooches. Adding a denim jacket or silo to a sweater and a long sleeved shirt is going to show you off, but without looking like you’re trying too hard. Add a purse and some bright coordinating jewelry–and a sense of luxury doesn’t have to accompany sexiness.

One look that doesn’t need to be sexy is a simple collared shirt. Pair it with a jacket and a sweater isn’t as cute, but trust me, the refined look is one that always works. A tweed blazer can tone everything up.

You don’t have to look for designers to style you into the perfect little black dress. Shopping around or surfing the web can give you the best cheap chic look to hot. The goal isn’t to hide behind the goods–you want to reveal the goods; you want the item to speak for itself. So let’s talk about what’s meant by ‘it’ this season.

Hot pants and tank tops are very much part of the trend. Whether they’re attached to the cozy side or the stretchy, you’ll find them here. They do look a little bit tough, so if that’s not your thing steer clear of them and save your Hydration kicks for the cooler months. These are also great for the office crowd who wants to look cute but not cutesy. These are very much a part of the trend, though in a complementary way. You can find simple cuts and Particularly adorable patterns with fish net and mesh elements that really pull the eyes up and make them work at angles. Showing off your baby bump is in, so go for it!

Capes are hot this season, especially for those of you who have to work outside. A cape or shrug will keep you out of the way and let you warm without sacrificing your sense of style.

Scarvesare super chic and are also super functional! Fine for layering over your shoulders or tie one on top of your dress and look effortlessly chic while also keeping you warm and put the finishing touch on that sexy tank. Scarves also come in an array of colors, patterns, and fabrics–you’ll have no problem finding one that’s right for you and your style.

Leather jacketswill always be in fashion for fall. If your style is more motorcycle themed then this season’s leather jackets will give you a perfect canvas to transform your style.

Vals are the epitome of the perfect business casual look. Belts and boots are a complement to this look. While bright colors are definitely in, you don’t want to look too garish. Try toning it down with darker, more muted colors; black in particular will go from sexy to sophisticated with the addition of a brilliant red wrap collar.

Formal blazersfinely crafted should tops and dresses with blazers sloped down from your waist to your hips. Even if these aren’t your typical work wear pieces, a single blazer can lend an air of classic to your style

Racer jacketsettle in closer to your torso while still making you look both chic and elegant. In a striped blazer, shoes can help heighten your look once again playing up your legs. Go for high gloss colors like maroon, either in an outfit or a dress. Wearing the right shoes can take your outfit from cute to noticeable to alluring.

ConclusionWrap this up- wherever you go from this. As long as your closet consists of the following five key pieces, you can weather any situation. Add to this the fundamental pieces listed above and you had better be ready for any situation that may crop up.

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Denim Shorts – It’s All About How You Group Them Together
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