Choosing The Right Bikini Top Style To Suit Your Body Shape

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For some women, there is nothing quite as enjoyable as the idea of wearing a sexy bikini. Buying a new bikini every year or so is a great way to provide the stylish image that you want to portray. However, not all women have the same body shape, which means that every new bikini design will be different from your previous bikini top style. The following article will help you choose the right bikini top style for your specific body shape. whilst working with your bikini to show your best features off.

If you are a woman that needs to balance your top and bottom shape then a halter top bikini is ideal for you. A halter top bikini top will work with your figure to show off your assets to their maximum advantage. They draw attention upwards to your top half which is often then accentuated by your bottomhalf. Small bikini tops make your bust look larger than it is in fact. A halter top also covers other areas that will be on show from time to time, like your tummy and thighs. So whilst they won’t be shown as much, small bikini tops will still show their effects in a swimming costume. For all women that are long and lean, a string bikini top with a tie bikini bottom would work best. The important thing is to choose a top which is the similar colour to your top because otherwise you will lose and illusion when you look at yourself in the mirror. A string bikini top will blend in nicely to your skin tone and won’t stand out too much.

For women that are pear shaped, but are not too thick or too slim, you should look for bikini tops with ruffles around the top of the bikini. The main reason behind this is to give the impression of being larger than you actually are. You can then because it gives your body shape more of a soldiers and give the impression that you are larger then you are. For those women that are apple shaped, and have a bit of a bump on top then you should look for tops that have a darker colour to them which will add pounds to your appearance. If you feel that you need a fix around your top half then darker coloured bikini tops will work very well.

Choosing the right colour is also very important. Firstly you should try swimwear with colours that make your skin tone glow. Then if it doesn’t sparkle, move on to a slightly discoloured top or one that is slightly lighter. The V of the bikini should be Main colour. In other words russet is very popular, chocolate, red, and certain shades of blue, that’s right blue. But not white, I would say any colour but white is too much.

All that is left to do is choose what type of bikini you want. You may as well start preparing to be a surfer girl sooner rather than later. It is important to take your time with your choice so that you don’t look ridiculous. It takes until now and it might not be the nicest thing to do, but it’s the only way we have at the moment. We have a few of other options too: if you don’t want string bikinis you can go for g string bikini’s, there are plenty of those around, but unless you are really curvaceous and have the body to pull them off it may not be to your advantage. If you are not too sure about wearing a bikini then look for a One piece swimsuit. They will still be sexy but will cover more of your body and give you more coverage. If you still want more then a Top only swimsuit will suffice. They will be more flattering as well so don’t feel you have to sacrifice too much.

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Choosing The Right Bikini Top Style To Suit Your Body Shape
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