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If you are a girl and have the fetish for shoes than there is lot to look forward in the category of earliest footwear ever created. The history of shoes is amazingly varied and you will come across some foot wears in Tibet, in Inner Asia and in the Mediterranean.

Actually it is not that hard to trace its origin since about 7,000 years ago, the evidence being in the bones of some of the creatures. During that time human beings used leather as medium to express their status in society and to give the impression of having superior status. Gradually leather giving way to cloth and then plastic, each attempting to give a better appearance to person.

In most parts of the world, designer footwear is giving way to custom-made footwear whereas in some parts of the world where the climate is hot usually the custom-made footwear is predominant.

Actually nowadays the whole world is running on the lines of a few selected designers. In the last decade all the big names of the fashion industry have gone into a race to woo the customers by introducing more and more variety into their range. All the while, shoes have been one of the most attentive part of fashion accessories; shoe designs and style giving each and every possible idea a tryst together with the variety of colors and materials used. practically every part of the world has been introduced to the idea of using shoes in their dress impede. Traditionally, the world’s population went along with the tradition which said – Those people who have fat legs must have fat feet.

What is now called Birkenstock is actually the first company to use sand paper and crinkled paper as shoe ornament. Earlier shoes were not ornamental since they protected the feet and were of no use to the people. However, Birkenstock brought a new meaning to the expression – Those people who have fat feet must have good feet. The impact of this fashion icon cannot be denied.

Today, all the people, irrespective of the section they belong to, irrespective of the level of urban living, class or religion and gender are crazy about the latest fashion trends of the footwear world. The shoe manufacturers keep on increasing the level of expertise and see the best in the industry built on a foundation of technology.

Actually, the shoe industry is huge in the Investopedia and it is further spread in the business software industries, especially those dealing with the manufacturing of electronic products. The shoe industry is highly seasonal and depends on the climate and the usage of the footwear.

The entire footwear market is about $ 28illions and is increasing at a constant rate. The major share of the industry is driven by the design and fashion of the shoes. The use of the shoe is not limited to protection but contributes somewhat to the overall fashion of the person. However, there are separate industries that manufacture the readymade as well as the custom footwear. The former makes custom footwear of various types.

At the end of the day it is the choice of the people to prefer what they want. However, the current scenario is changing and people prefer custom shoes making for themselves. That is the reason there has been a noticeable change in the shoe industry and companies are trying to manufacture custom shoes to meet the demands of the customers. However, the custom footwear industry is not huge in size as compared to the fashion industry. In fact, the entire custom shoe making industry is diverted to meeting the needs of the customers. This footwear industry is highly pyramidal in nature since most of the custom footwear needs are based on a specific concept.

Actually, the concept of custom makes is slowly picking up and there is a lot of scope to go for in the making of the shoe, which is affordable, stylish and which is also comfortable and mostly made up of high quality material. There are many reputed brands of the shoe industry which are running in this sector and people can easily go for these brands which are recommended by many people.

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Chgirlfriend Bling
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