Are Corsets Worth The Money?

It is needless to reiterate that corsets are extremely attractive, and present an excellent choice when it comes to appealing femininity. What is a corset? Simply put, it is a closefitting garment that helps support the bust, thereby enhancing the appearance of the breast. It does this byacerating the lower abdominal area. That is what gives women the impression of having larger breasts.

When it comes to choosing a corset, the question on many ladies’ minds is whether or not they are truly worth the money. Keep in mind that there are different corsets meant for different body types. Realizing this, there are certain corsets that are recommended for ‘berserk’ finishes, and for those who have a lacking behind.

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There are many different styles of corset on the market, each with their own pros and cons. Knowing what you need to pick seems simple, but taking the time to find the right one for you can be challenging, not to mention very stressful! Here is a list of the most common styles of corsets and their pros/cons:


Bustier Corset: A corset that covers the bust which a large majority of women have a small or medium bust. Most of these corsets fasten with a zipper at the back, and an ornament at the front. They’re generally very flattering and attractive to look at, but they can be very expensive.

Overbust Corset: Overbust corsets are corsets that extend over the bust, fastening to the top of the rib cage. The majority of styles are short, around a couple of inches or so. Overbust corsets are ideal for a small waistline, as they give your waist more definition and enhance the bust area. With a waistline they make the waist appear smaller than it truly is.

Underbust Corset: Underbust are corsets which are meant to ‘shrivel’ at the waist, providing an illusion of a small waist. Underbust are very similar to overbust corsets, but are generally a tad cheaper.

P collectively, these three styles are considered basic, and as a shopper, it would be ideal to posses all of these styles! However, in reality, not every woman will want to adorn all three at once!

Overbust Corset: They are extremely popular for women who have a smaller bust. Offered in many different styles, they are generally designed to tone the different parts of the body differently, ranging from the bust, to the waist, to the hips. They can be in as many different types of materials; hemp, cotton, and leather are amongst the most popular.

Underbust Corset: Offered mostly in vintage styles, underbust corsets fasten at the top of the ribs, surrounding the bust in a wide band, keeping the bust firm and enhancing the cleavage. Whilst designed to tone different parts of the body, they are enormously popular amongst women with larger breasts, as they instantly create the illusion of cleavage, whilst narrowing the waist. Additionally, they are ideal for underwired bras.

Vintage Corsets: Whilst designed to create the appearance of a smaller waist, most vintage corsets are made using a steel boning which has the effect of reducing the waist. They are extremely popular amongst antique and thrift stores. Should you be searching for a corset but lack the cash – there are many options open to you. Many women are inspired to sew/fix their own, as they are easy to discover and are usually very cheap. If you are inspired but lack the funds to do so, be well supported by friends and family!

There are many shopping websites available on the Internet that sell all of these different types of corsets. Finding a reputable corset selling website is the first step for purchasing an excellent corset for a exceptional occasion. As the online shopping market grows, it is less risky to buy corsets online than buying them from high street specialist stores, but it does take time. To save you some time, we offer the following tips on where to buy a corset:

Tip 1: Your local shopping centre.

The majority of women resort to buying new clothes at their local shopping centre. Hence, your best bet if you want a good range of corsets is to look at shopping centres. If you want to try before you buy, visit one a few weeks before your event to see if the corset is the correct size.

Tip 2: Online shops

If you want the best of the best, always look for websites selling corsets. Online shops are usually small, new companies that are solely dedicated to selling corsets.

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Are Corsets Worth The Money?
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