A Screen Printed T-Shirt Customer Profile – Are You One?

Screen printing techniques are commonly used for a range of custom printed products. A large number of companies use these methods nowadays to provide quick and effective services to their clients.

A screen printed t-shirt has become quite a thing over time. Customers are willing to pay a higher price for such items as a result of the use of modern equipment and better quality of products. Another factor that has contributed to the popularity of screen printed t-shirts is the existence of numerous printing methods available with a lot of benefits. In fact, a smart buyer can decide which among the available printing methods to use depending on the purpose of its usage. If you are also a smart buyer who wants to save money but look better, here are some tips that you can take up to guide you in your selection for a custom t-shirt.

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1. Consider the screen

A screen can either be a silk screen, found in the sewing machine ( distraught printing), or a metal screen, typically used in large commercial print houses. The cheaper and the simpler the screen printing method is, the less gradations of black that are designed. Metal screening is ideal for its metallic and glittery look which are popular alternatives to black of traditional shirts. You can find these types of screens with 2,3, or even 5 mesh layers.

2. Designing the graphic

The design of a custom t-shirt includes a graphic, which is sent in an email along with the order. The graphic design is the foundation of the shirt and the shirt is based on the graphic. Even the smallest detail in a graphic can alter the appearance of a shirt, such as the color of theerning. Most businesses take such measures to protect their creative brands. They therefore avoid using such graphic lettering that are the easiest to use. Instead they request barcode or digital artwork that can be printed easily.

3. Measurements for a custom shirt

As a guide, you should establish the standard size that is likely to be worn by the recipient of an order, as well as the average measure size for adults in the United States. In this way a custom t-shirt can be created that is not just customized, but also representative of the standard size for adults. A standard size T-shirt is usually designed to fit a male across the shoulders; however, depending on the style a female could wear a size such as a XL-size. In addition, a custom t-shirt can be designed to fit the average size for a female; however, depending on the style a smaller size like a B-sized could be chosen. The extent to which measurements are specified will depend primarily on the details specified in the logo, shirt details, and color. If no measurements are specified, then the most reliable measurement for both the torso and the average arms length is normally one inch.

4. Digital Designs

For people who want the final output of their order made to digital design, screen printing is the method most popular for the design of apparel, bags, and other items. For designs where a digital printer is used, the colors and raw lengths of shirts are respectively represented by running a standard color effect, and finding a quality measurement for a custom printed shirt. However, to ensure that the final output is as precise as possible, the design is typicallyaturred by a digital printer with a Meade platform. A bolts or other fasteners are typically attached to the screen when printing is being executed. If the design is run in color mode using an inkjet printer, a Meade compatible iron is typically used to apply the image – The paint is sanded away before an iron is applied to dark color shirts.

5. Automatic vs. Manually Printered

At the printers, a manually-printed custom tee shirt is typically created by employees with direct experience in the apparel printing process. A trained personal employee will most likely spend a certain amount of time ironing the material, ensuring that the logo and design are completely covered with a dry material. A personalized logo is typically applied to the shirt as soon as the shirt is completed. Customized shirts designed by a computer printer are typically created by a third-party designer when a book designer subles the design into his or her printing software; however, if a computer printer were to acquire the shirt design from a design consultant, the same design can be obtained from the creative work only.

6. Reliability of an Affordable Shirt

The affordability of screen printed shirts depends on the quality standards set by the manufacturer. The finishing and the application of a quality printing is important for an efficient job which delivers excellent results. However, the overall reliability is continuously being improved and it is able to meet the demands of customers all over the market. Generally speaking, it is not economical to manufacture the goods in a smaller factory, since each unit will inevitably cost a little more.

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A Screen Printed T-Shirt Customer Profile – Are You One?
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